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Sucia Loves

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316 5.0
10:00 min - Oct 24 - .MOV - 1.07 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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sexy as always, I highly reccomend.

Mrsack1972 - Top reviewer Oct 25
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Sucias amazing gift for story telling and dirty talk are in perfect display in this magic video. Never in my lift have I wanted more for a woman to tell me wants to do to another man. An amazing chance to worship one of the most wondrous asses in all the land. Totally perfect.

I took my dog on a walk this morning, like every morning. To my surprise as I was walking I see my neighbors down the road were having some remodeling done.. and their handymen were fucking SEXY. I couldn't help myself, I ran home to tell you all about it. Their muscles all glistening with sweat, groaning as they lifted the heavy objects. Let me tell you I was SO fucking horny when I got home there was no way you WEREN'T gonna hear about it. However, we aren't in the point of our relationship yet where I feel like I am comfortable actually fucking another man infront of you, so I instead make you watch me fantasize about them. I fuck my dripping pussy with my amazing glass dildo and tell you ALL about what I would do to them, what they would do to me.... And both of us are gonna cum so fucking hard! This is a great video for anyone who loves ass as well, I always make sure to add in some amazing booty angles