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Cursed to breed with the divine stallion

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Emmas Secret Life

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3,260 5.0
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MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Oct 24 2017
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Hmmm what a beautiful little satyr. I have to admit that I'm loving the costumes and this role play theme was very different but I loved it.
Seeing Emma mount the horse cock in the beginning was my favorite and hottest part. Don't fast forward, because we get to see some sweet Emma cream I believe not lube in the time that she's riding it in several positions.

Then of course there's the fuck machine, not used enough if you ask me but I don't write for it and neither are many of the other customs. But I for one loved seeing one sweet wet kitty. Yum!

Of course Emma takes our stallion to a wonderful cream pie.

Cool story, lovely sweet and creamy Emma, a huge horse cock pet play, who could ask for more.

Thank you so much Marc! That horse is huge! 😍

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Great Costume and the lucky divine stallion found his perfect mate v v

Thank you so much! ❤️

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I really enjoyed this cosplay. Not only is Emma looking divine, but also beastly. You could say she is the beauty and the beast.

Seeing her take this large toy beyond the medial ring is a special delight. She gets so wet you just want to dive in face first for the ultimate Halloween treat.

This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at or send me a PM) I was cursed over 300 years ago for treading in the forbidden valley that only gods were suppose to walk. I was riding my favorite divine stallion Argo when he felt the pull to go to his master lord Resheph the God of War, Thunder and Horses. He cursed my father a beast forever to guard the forbidden valley from intruders. The divine stallion needed a mate and that was now my job to hold his divine seed. Lord Resheph warned me to not let his seed be released until he has gave me his entire load.  I would have immortality but if I didn't for fill my duties I would then turn into a beast myself. I will know when it is time to perform your duties when you begin to grow horns beginning your transformation into beast. Well the horns have appeared and time has come to hold the divine seed
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Emmas Secret Life
American / United States
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