Maria's foot smelling orgasm and post to


VV Fetish and Femdom

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You tie your girlfriend Maria Jade up to the bed and get her all excited because she's about to get a really kinky orgasm from the hitachi while being tied up She then learns that she is being tied up because if she wants to experience this orgasm, she is going to have to endure the torturee of sniffing between all of your bare smelly stinky toes. This is pure torturee for her, and you love it. You remind her that if she wants to have an orgasm, she has to be willing to take the aroma from your toes. After continuous footsmelling torturee and taunting her, but still giving her great pleasure from the hitachi, you bring her to an explosive orgasm.  At that point, you add part 2 of the torturee: the post orgasm torturee on the hypersensitive clit....except you don't do it with the hitachi....You do it with your fingers and the toes of the other foot that aren't currently torturingg her nostrils you start rubbing her sensitive clit with her fingers despite her pleas for you to stop. The more she begs..the more sadistic you get....all the while rubbing harder and faster...while still remembering to spread your stinky toes over her nose.  You even mix using the toes of your other foot (if you can do this) and really get her clit feeling sensitive and getting her begging to stop.    You do this until you think she can't possibly take it anymore and then you offer her a choice...... She can choose to either keep smelling your stinky toes, or she can keep taking the post orgasm torturee.   She chooses the feet (and while you give her one last really hard and fast torturee  rub of her clit with your fingers and toes until she screams that she chose the feet!!),... So you say asked for it........... and you make her smell inside each of your pinky toes ...alternating back and forth....(the sweatiest, smelliest part of each foot) until  she finally passesout from the overwhelming stench). You smile with great satisfaction from the double torturee you just delivered to your now lifeless victim, who thought she was in for nothing more than a kinky and exciting orgasm when she allowed you to tie her up in the first place