PAWG Oiled Ass Jiggle w Various Clenches

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Brittany Lynn is a well known PAWG and her ass is both big and phat. She is standing with her oiled up ass facing you and is ready to prove how much of a PAWG she is by giving you lots of ass jiggle. She starts right away. She clenches her ass tight and then lets it go all at once, which creates a great ass jiggle motion. She repeats this for some time holding the clench each time. She then changes jiggle tactics a bit. She starts to clench and release over and over again in a rapid motion. Though the technique is different, the result is the same. Lots and lots of ass jiggle. Her shiny ass looks so good as it bounces here and there, but she is not done yet. Next she clenches one of her fat ass cheeks and then hold it. Then she clenches the other and holds it before letting them both go together for more great ass jiggle. She continues this motion for a bit, but has one more jiggle trick up her sleeve. She spreads her legs apart just a bit and then starts to clench and release again. This sees her oiled up ass create so much jiggle it is too much to take. She repeats this for a bit and knows you are enjoying her ass jiggle and she knows she has proves once more that she is the ultimate PAWG. Included in this clip: Jiggle, PAWG, Oil, Ass, Booty Bouncing, Big Ass, Fat Ass, Phat Ass, Sexy Ass, Ass Jiggle, Oiled Up Ass, Clench Ass, Ass Cheeks, Brittany Lynn