Brother Spies on Sister's Masturbation



American / Las Vegas
4:43 min - Oct 24 - .MP4 - 107.49 MB - 720x480


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This clip includes: Winky Pussy, sister, voyeur, POV, brother spies on sister masturbating, masturbation, solo female, tit groping, clit rubbing, fingering, finger-fucking, moaning, orgasms, amateur** I watched my sister...a lot. At first, it was an innocent accident - but then, it became an addiction. I had walked past her room one day, and through a crack in the door, saw her masturbating. Rather than ignore it, I stood there watching her do something so private, so personal, and so...sexual. But it was hot. I couldn't look away. She was at the age where she was exploring her body. My little sister hadn't had sex yet, so she had recently started masturbating to satisfy her sexual urges. I don't know why it was so hot. Maybe it was because I wasn't supposed to be watching her do it, or maybe it was because she was my sister. Either way, it was pretty fucked up. She had a slow, sensual way of doing it. She'd take her time lathering her hands with coconut oil, and then would run them all over her body, covering herself in the lubricant. My cock twitched as her hands barely touched her pussy, and I'd beg for her fingers to slip inside. Her body glistened with the oil, and I stroked my cock as she touched herself. She'd rub her clit at first, softly moaning, and then would push a finger inside. Her moans were so sweet, so perfect, and I'd cum every time she did - she just had no idea