YOUNG MEAT - Part 3 feat Casey Calvert



American / Seattle
12:02 min - Oct 24 - .MP4 - 728.39 MB


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The last installment of this Bondage series. Make sure to check out Part 1 and 2! ---------- In the final installment of the series, Sydney is getting ready to load all her new slaves into her van. She has them all lined up against the wall, bound and gagged. She checks them one by one, making sure the tits are out, cleave gags are tied and all the rope is put in place nice and tight. Instead of making them hop across her warehouse into her van, Sydney is using a hand truck to move the slaves around. So much easier. The new slave owners will surely love this new batch of young meat. But just as she's about to load the last one in the van, something terrible happens