Freebie Tuesday

Enslaved to Me Part 2



American / Houston
10:51 min - Oct 24 - .MOV - 787.94 MB


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Custom video - no names used. Dear Princess Cica, I loved the first custom! Your beauty, voice and dominant words truly make me weak. I can't escape your power. Would you please make another foot worship video where your face and feet are visible like in 'Enslaved to me'? I would love it if you started out in high heels and made me kneel before you. Look down at me and coerce me to lick and clean your heels. Tell me where I belong, and make me repeat my mantra, "Princess Cica owns me". You know I crave your bare soles, so you make me beg for you to take your heels off. Before taking them off, you coerce me to lay my wallet at your feet in submission. Then, you continue to humiliate me as you coerce me to act as your pet by licking and cleaning your sexy feet. I am powerless to resist you as I repeat my mantra beneath your feet. At the end, please make me kiss your feet and thank you for making me your devoted foot slave. Thank you so much Goddess. Your devoted slave