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Enjoying ourselves a bit too much at our school reunion, me and Tiff, head for a quick wee break from the party. The reunion has been a great laugh so far and we are both a bit pissed, gossiping about some of our old school friends as we come down the stairs to use the toilet, which is still in the same place and surprisingly someone else has never changed either...Our creepy caretaker. If you thought we were mean to him in the first clip, well you aint seen nothing yet. We let rip on him in this clip, giving him a good spanking and making him do silly humiliating things for us. We even dress him up in Tiff's school skirt and take in turns taking pics of him on our phone, future blackmail material? I think so Serves him right for being a pervert with his knob out. Revenge was needed and we head back tot he part once we have finished with him, for now