SPH / Boyfriend Humiliation with Lauren



British / U.K.
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CUSTOM* POV conversation with boyfriend (the camera) after a night out with my bully Justin from college. You walk in wearing a long black parka coat with a sexy lingerie set on underneath, tell me that your hungover after a great night out last night, I ask you where you have been and you say no where special really, just been at Justin's house as he said he was going to have a party but unfortunately it was only you that turned up, you then tell me how sexy he is and that he was asking if me & you are still together and that you could do so much better than me, you then tell me you told him about the stupid valentines gift i purchased you. (which is the lingerie set your wearing) then tell me you tried it on for him and gave him a sexy show making his cock very hard. you then admit to me you sucked his huge cock and it so much bigger than mine, lots of small penis humiliation in the video please. then end it by saying - 'Justin has just sent me a pic of his huge cock on snapchat saying need you back now, tell your boyfriend to wear panties' then show me the pic