Punishing Shamu


Ava Black

British / UK
10:24 min - Nov 08 - .WMV - 189.61 MB


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Includes - Black Supremacy - Verbal Humiliation - Performance put down - Racial humiliation - Smacktalk - Extreme humiliation - CFNM - Cock flicking - Wet towel cock flicking Mistress walks in on her supersize slave jerking off with soapsuds in the bathtub like a loser! He confesses that he was thinking about her during his desperate wankathon which only infuriates her more! He's not going to get away with it! She grabs the first thing that comes to hand - a towel - and dips it in the water. She proceeds to flick his podgy flesh with it repeatedly. He doesn't like it! Which only delights her more! So she flicks him again and again, aiming for that tiny cock of his that he was making such a fuss of. His screams for mercy fall on deaf ears as she squeals for joy! That will teach him to jerk off without her permission! He shoulda thought of that before he got caught while trapped in the bathtub like a beached whale