Luscious Lopez walking in tight jeans

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399 5.0
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Its a beautiful video. Luscious is luscious as always. The setting is incredible and the music fits so well. The tone is a bit more on the innocent side, but the ending definitely does not disappoint if you're looking for Luscious'...assets. The only negative I have for the vid is that she walks in a very pronounced manner, so if you're just looking for a normal walk, like the kind of thing you;d see if you just happened to be behind her in the street, you may be a little disappointed. That said, the whole video is gorgeous. She looks amazing in red and denim and her mannerisms push all the right buttons.

Luscious Lopez is walking here wearing tight jeans. walk right behind and be a voyeur. watch this big all natural booty move. then get a peek see some ass spreading. big ass, pawg, ass spreading, milf, jeans fetish, wide hips.