Mistress Alix Lynx Foot Worship



American / Las Vegas
13:35 min - Oct 24 - .MP4 - 789.41 MB


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Sexy Blonde Mistress Alix starts with her slave in a cage. She calls him a freak and taunts him...she puts him on a leash and walks him to her throne. She has him lie down on his back and wipes her dirty shoes on his face. Then she takes off her shoes and makes him lick the inside of them clean.. you can see that they are very worn and its easy to imagine how strong they must smell! She laughs at him as he eagerly licks her shoes.. she calls him a freak. Then she puts her sweaty feet on his face! She tells him all about how she walked around all day and got more and more sweaty... Then she locks him up in the stocks.. his head is immobilized so there is no way to avoid getting a full whiff of her fragrant feet. She makes him lick them and worship them as she laughs at him and mocks him. In the end, she gives him a nice handjob while sitting on his face! VERY HOT CLIP!! ALIX LYNX REALLY KNOWS HOW TO VERBALLY HUMILIATE A SLAVE