Secretary dance show


Betty Busty Ebony

French / breastsville
5:39 min - Oct 24 - .MOV - 382.76 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Dressed with my white blouse on and my short leather skirt, high heels... I am here to entertain you in dancing sensually on a very warmfull song. You'll see all my round ass tied in my leather skirt with the zipper just behind... A lot of tits bouncing ( I wear my bras) even slow motion part of it. Always my natural smile because I am so happy to show what I get for naughty boys... Keep on watching... all over again. Don't miss any details of my sculptural body with so much curves that make you crazy. Wanna grab me, hug me? feel my body with your hands all over my big black breasts, my round black butt... Kiss my thick lips and look for my tongue to be in a pure hype of sex!! I really like to be dominated too.... For real, no joke. Wanna go for some bondage? attach me seated on a chair with a rope under and above my breasts wearing my shirt to see how big they are... Please feel free to cum over and over again each time you'll watch my clips and fantasize with my body