Your Curious Therapist - CEI



American / Fetish Land
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When this therapist sits in front of you, you are floored by how hot she is in the skimpy outfit and crazy heels. She gets right into the reason you came in... and now you're feeling a bit shy about it. Maybe you expected some older woman with gray hair and a pantsuit, or maybe you just didn't expect someone so over the top smoking hot... She wants to know if you're lying, right off the bat. After doing her own research online prior to your arrival, she found that most men who say they enjoy eating cum are either gay (and it would make so much sense, she says) or they enjoy the build up but never follow through. Considering you said you were straight, this is making her quite skeptical. In order to continue, she needs to know if she's treating someone with a legitimate interest in eating cum... or a liar