Your Bubble Gum Fetish



American / Fetish Land
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Your girlfriend has been such a cunt, and it's only just starting to hit you. It's a pity really, because she's so hot. Still, you know you can do better. You're thinking it's just about time to move on. However, you've always had a fetish that you wanted to explore with her. Maybe, just maybe, she would do this with you before it's too late? Admitting to some sexual appeal to a girl blowing bubble gum, she laughs in your face. This has got to be the last straw... She doesn't care. You've wasted so much time. In an instant, the lights flicker and a strike of lightning hits the house... Waking up after being knocked out, you're surprised to see your girlfriend looking different. She's dressed up in really sexy lingerie, teasing you in some sexy pink heels. To top it off, she's blowing bubble gum! Your cock is instantly hard. That storm must have caused some kind of crazy reaction to her brain... You don't know what happened, but you're going to enjoy this! She desperately wants you inside of her, and she wants to pop bubbles in your face while you fuck her tight pussy