Freebie Tuesday

Strip some more & see-trough shirt


Betty Busty Ebony

French / breastsville
4:56 min - Oct 24 - .MOV - 358.89 MB - 1280x720 HD


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OK, let's go for more. Not a total strip-tease but I am coming to it slowly... Again, you'll enjoy watching me taking some sensual poses and from different angles for maximum pleasure. My tits are revealed gently but not totally full screen if you know what I mean?... I like to take my time and tease you the most I can otherwise it's too obvious but I will come to it in the next clips if you are kind and very faithful and a regular fan ... This see-trough blouse is somehow over exciting as you may see my areolas and my nips pointing out. Some bouncing tits too here and my bottom always exposed to your wide open eyes. Give me a favor : When ready to come, cum all over my black ass let your sperm cover all of my tits, face and black ass. Then I'll know by the quantity you load how much you are excited