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The Latex Succubus



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You awake to see a lovely, dark-haired woman crawling into your bed. You are paralyzed with fear, although you have dreamed of just such a moment. Perhaps that is why you are so astonished, you think you are dreaming. But as her weight settles on you, and her scent surrounds you, and her voice echoes out softly, seductively, into your bedchamber, you know it is real. She tells you to relax, that you're going to have a lot of pleasure tonight. She stands up and shows you her curves, black and shiny, barely contained. Are those horns sprouting from her black locks? Wide hips, deep cleavage, all woman. You ache for her already, and she presses her bosom into your face. Your manhood responds, but you can't help this sense of fear. Suddenly she tells you that this will hurt, but it will get better. Long, demonic fangs protrude from her mouth, and she salivates like an an1ma1 She bares her teeth widely, licks them, and comes in for an excruciatingly painful bite. She says she injected you with her venom to immobilize you. You can't move, but your cock responds. Especially when she stands, fangs retracted, displaying a succulent pussy, and says how she needs your cock...and your cum. She mounts, you moaning with pleasure. Next her tits are out, bouncing wildly. She commands you to hold back your cum until she requires it...and she tells you a bit of her evil plot, leaning in close. You see, she is a succubus, and her kind cannot breed. So they need human cum in order to procreate. After you get her pregnant, she will dispose of you, but perhaps you could have a few nights of fun first...or tonight could be your last. She will know instantly. She comes on your cock, demanding your seed, then coming in close, straddling your chest, gloating over her treasure, as you, exhausted, and drained in more ways than one, drift back into a sl33p more peaceful with nightmares than waking