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I am a witch who was formerly a Christian, and to complete my transition, I have concocted a powerful ritual to denounce Jesus and my former God. I praise the Goddess, wearing my witchy finery before my altar. Watch my curves as I light the candles, then rub the Bible on my pussy. I get aroused as I spurn the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, spitting on the cross and then the Bible. Reading a verse at a time, I rip pages out of the Holy Book and stuff them in my wet cunt. Then I sit my ass and pussy on the Bible, rubbing it in. I trash talk Jesus, and say the Virgin Mary was no such thing...Taking a candle, I drip it on my pussy and let the hot wax drizzle over the pages of the Bible. I pull out the wet pages, and shove a large cross in my cunt, moaning with pleasure. I fuck myself long and hard, until I cum. My renunciation is complete