A self wedgie stretching from the handle



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Bored at home on Friday morning, I want to experience new sensations with my super cute pijama on and my original panties under it. Will I be able to hang myself from the door handle? With no help.... I guess it is a great challenge on my own. If not hanging, just pulling my panties so hard, the hardest they could let me without being ripped or tearing my skin off. So here we go: the handle of the door is short so the straps of my panties won´t stay easily, I just must hold them with my hand once they are almost slipping, and trying to resist my crotch torrture. Enjoy my self-wedgie from a side angle, which will change until you are behind me and you can watch my hurt butt up in the air, almost in front of your eyes. See the straps of my panties stretch between my legs, pressing my pussy and asshole so hard. That is an exciting view, you can´t take your eyes off my round butt and you love listening to my pain moans and groans. I bend over as much as the handle lets me do and try to touch the floor with my hands, I feel my panties already rubbing and irritating my sensitive hip skin, it starts getting red, I guess I can hear my panties ripping a bit. Oh, no!! Not these ones! They are so sexy an special to me... I should have chosen another ones, but these are so hot for the occasion, don´t you think, honey? YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: Angie´s butt makes your day. HIGHLIGHTED: even though not really hanging from the door, the pulling panties seem to be painful enough