Sex For All To See

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2,373 4.7
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slydawg413 - Top reviewer Jan 17
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super sexy exhibition vid!

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The idea was excellent, but found the length of tease/masturbation at the beginning ran too long. Would have really enjoyed seeing multiple positions.

This BG video is truly amazing in every single way and angle. It starts off with me teasing you with my glass dildo on my hotel patio in Mexico. I get myself off and then decide to make the camera man mine by sucking his hard cock which I couldn't help but notice during my solo filming. The blowjob scene is fantastic and lite perfectly so you can see, and almost feel the warmth of my mouth wrapped around your own cock and balls. Then we fuck and give you all kinds of sexy angle to watch him cock penetrate my tight pussy over and over again. Yes, people all around us are watching from their rooms. At different times you hear them whistle. At the end the cum shot, which is pumped inside of me, gets pushed out and lands all over the camera. This video is absolutely perfect and I hope you love it too