I spank my butt with paddle & get it red



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I have been a bad girl this past week, so this weekend I will stay locked at home but besides that, I have to punish myself. This is my first time with an spanking paddle and I am afraid. Will it hurt my delicate butt? Will it leave a mark on my skin? I can´t complain now, this is my punishment for being a brat girl. So I am wearing the perfect panties for it. It leaves my buttocks free for a better impact of the paddle. First I will start with my right buttock until it is reddened. One spank, two spanks, three.. ten, twenty... Oh my fucking god, it hurts. Thirty spanks, even more... my buttock is burning now. But I deserve this so I must be quiet! It is red now so I will go on with my left one. I am really afraid, now I know it hurts. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: You are a sadistic guy. HIGHLIGHTED: the spanking got out of my hand: I was not able to sit down that night... check out in the pic the bruises I got two days later! INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW