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After she betrayed him by giving the location of his hideout to a snoopy reporter, Dr. Gil Horable is out for revenge against his ex-wife Karen (Sage Pillar). So he decides to pay her an unscheduled late-night visit. But we have to wonder if she knew he was coming, as she went to bed alone in sexy lingerie and full makeup. The evil scientist ties up his luscious ex, and as he applies the rope he asks why she double-crossed him. They argue like, well, a married couple. But the bad doctor gets the last word in when he buckles a harness ballgag on the stunning blonde. He then hogties the busty beauty on their bed, and he tells his estranged wife he has to get a few things from the car. The stocking-footed babe pulls against her bindings, rolling around on the bed and moaning as she tries to extricate herself from this situation. At some point in her struggles Karen's lacy bra slips down and her considerable breasts are exposed. As she squirms and rolls around on the bed, her attitude appears to be more aroused than dismayed. Could it be our damsel is excited more than worried about what her wicked ex-hubby has planned for her next?

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