Bigfoot Invades the Suburbs



American / USA
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I'm in my wooded backyard, taking some photos of birds one sunny morning dressed in casual shorts, a tank top, and light jacket. Suddenly, I feel like I'm being watched, and smell something really strange. I keep on taking pictures until I'm positive that someone is there in the yard with me. "Hello?" I call out. "Is someone there?". The smell becomes overpowering. I don't see anything, but I feel it. A man, an covered in fur but walking upright comes crashing through the brush, claws outstretched. I scream, but it keeps coming at me. I try to run, but there's nowhere to hide. He grabs my shirt, and riiiiiiip, the clothing gives way to a large hole. I scream and fight as he rips the thin fabric. I feel as if I'm fighting for my very life as he grabs and grabs, relentlessly ripping my clothes off. First my jacket, then my tank top, then my shorts. I beg him not to hurt me as he finally tears away my lace panties. Completely naked now, Bigfoot strokes my body, and I recoil in horror at first, then relax into his gentle touch. His fingers move to my pussy, expertly stroking me, and I fall into his arms, letting him pleasure me