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Mommy Always Wanted A Girl



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Happy Birthday, my sweet little... one... I should tell you something on this special day. I'll tell you about when I met your Father, and what I told him my intentions were from the get-go. He knew I wanted to be impregnated, but I specifically wanted a girl. Of course I love you... but I've always wanted a little girl! I've been dropping hints for you, but you seem to think all the panties and dresses on your bed are mine. No dear... I've been getting those for YOU. The problem is that I had hoped you'd have decided to have a sex change by now, or at least accept that you may be questioning your gender. As I deal more and more with "boy" things in your puberty, it makes me more and more want a girl. Let's work on that, shall we? Put on that dress, panties, and little bra. We can talk about future birthdays and presents that will be great for your future as a girl. Let's talk about how you use the bathroom and how you take care of yourself in your bedroom... during this transitional phase. Let's explore