Lt. M'Ress gets impregnated by an alien

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324 5.0
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Wow!!! I LOVE this vid in so many ways, Im a frequent buyer .... But this one (if I could) I would make it rain!!! Thanx BadGrrl!!!

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Imagine a space travel, with many light-years ahead. You must also imagine that boredom soon takes over the crew.

In this same crew there is an captain. But she's not an ordinary captain: she's a neko captain, bored and very naughty!

In this abandoned spaceship, only sex seems to bring a little emotion. So, our captain neko is looking for something more ... spicy. She decides to try an alien fuck, with entitiled for impregnation, lots of eggs and slime for everywhere.

An excellent request for those who enjoy sci-fi, aliens and naughty neko-girls.

Star Trek role play - remember Lieutenant M'Ress from the animated series? Ever want to see her little cunt stuffed full of slimy alien eggs? I know I did...hehe
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