Into the Belly of the Witch


Lacy Luck

American / USA
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Welcome to the tinder match from hell. Her photos were a bit on the goth side, nothing too weird, so you decided to meet up at a local bar. After a couple drinks she invites you to her place, where things quickly take a turn for the worse. She keeps talking in this strange, croaking voice and her apartment is decorated with a witches cauldron, spell books, and are those real bones? The things she's saying are a bit... off. You start to feel a bit nervous about the whole situation and try to make an excuse to leave. That's when she gets upset. Now she's angry at you for rejecting her. "You turn me down for sex!!?" She says this in her creepy, craggly voice again! You really want to leave now, but she insists you stay. In fact, now shes pulled out something really freaky, an evil eye! She's trying to control you with magic! Run, you think! But its already too late. She's chanting some kind of spell. You feel the room start to spin, your vision is blurry, when you open your eyes you are on the ground. Wait... not only are you on the ground but you are now tiny! Only 5 inches tall and the witch is taunting you like she wants to eat you! The witch picks up your small body and makes you walk up her legs, where she hikes up her skirt and makes you take a look at her pussy. "This is what you could have had, if you hadn't rejected me," she says in that old woman's voice. "Now I'll have to devour you in an entirely different way." She begins to cackle and laugh devilishly. She fully intends to eat you! The last thing you see is her giant tongue slathering you with saliva, and then the red, dark insides of her throat and stomach. From outside her gown one can hear the stomach acids churning, and a struggling noise as you try to find a way to break free from your tight imprisonment. There is no escape, you have now fallen victim to the belly of the witch