Armbinder Gone Missing



American / Down in the Dungeon
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Kitty is busily looking for all the toys her Master has told her she needs for their next training session, but she can't seem to find something. "Kitty!" She jumps. "Yes-" "Did you find everything I asked for?" "No Master, I looked everywhere and I can't find the armbinder." "Dont worry," he tells her. "I have an idea. In the next scene Kitty kneels on the massage table. "Turn around Kitty, and put your hands palm together behind your back," Master commands. "Yes Master." Kitty obeys. Master picks up Kitty's arms from the wrists and then the elbows and tests their flexibility. "That will work great." He begins to bind Kitty's arms with cling wrap, tightly. "Alright, see if that works as well as the armbinder," Master tells Kitty. She moves and tests it behind her back. She can't escape the bindings. "Try to get out of it," he encourages. Kitty wiggles but she can't escape. "Now we'll get that gag in your mouth," Master tells Kitty. She wiggles excitedly. In the next scene Kitty opens wide for her gag while Master fastens it tightly. He chose a nice leather and silicone bit gag for her. Master pulls out the Hitachi and starts teasing Kitty with it. Her arms bound behind her back, she works her hips against the strong vibrations while Master holds the vibrator in place. She cums hard, and when he takes the vibrator away you can see how swollen her cunt has become. "Good job, you're such a good little slut," he tells her. There's a small fifteen seconds at the end where you can watch Master cutting Kitty out of her bondage. NOTE: Kitty's Port is accessed and visible in this clip