LexiGirls Cum & Squirt Compilation Vol.1

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American / Los Angeles
1,167 5.0
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I wanna beat that pussy up.... #Nomzz

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The theme of this should be called delicious. From the lollipop, to her soaked kitty, to her asshole that luckily reaps the benefits of her leaking pussy..all delicious. Im now hungry to taste all 3 of those things.

Awww thanks sweetie 💋

Kaijuevo Feb 15
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Awesome!!soo good i wish i could taste her!!

First time ever! Lexi is releasing her debut of incredible cumming and squirting masturbation scenes that will surely get you hot and bothered. Watch as she escalates and just keeps cumming and squirting...cumming and squirting...over and over again. If you like pussy play, you won"t be disappointed. This is only the beginning. More compilations to follow! As always, enjoy and try to not cum too much *wink