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Yasemin Tied, Spanked And Wanked



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FULL HD 1080p - The skinny, black-haired Yasemin is tied with ropes. She only wears a black corset and stockings so her master can see her amazing pussy. He goes to her and spanks her ass. He grabs her tits very hard and tightens them. She finds it really painful. The master puts a rubber on her nipple and pumps it. After the spanking, he puts the nipple pump on Yasemin’s clitoris. The master also fingers her. Later, he tells her to sit into a stretcher. He also puts a giant dildo into her tiny mouth. He asks her to sit on the dildo and he helps her to put it in. She really enjoys it. After then, he spanks Yasemin’s pussy with a spanker. The master brings another dildo and asks her to play with it orally. The man puts it into her vagina and her round ass, too