Sadistic Joker will punish you SPH



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You are the worstest from lover! You are the more stupid from all mans! You have a tinyest cock from all who i saw in my life! I am tired of you - today you maked me so angry! I dont want to see you more! You know i am so crazy! I can do with you all what i want! and just laugh loud while you are dying and screwing from pain! I will close you in a house without water and food ahahha and than will fire this house! ahahha I want to make fun 1 last time from you ! Look at you - mistake of nature! Take off your pants! I think i will let you cum today before i will leave you alone in this house ahahha i will cum countdown for you loser! I know you know that soon you will stay here alone without anything to live! And with those thought you must cum! I dont care that you cant ! You JUST MUST