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I knew the mention of Halloween loons would get your attention and i'm glad it has. I have some balloons that need blowing up and playing with....and that's exactly what i'm going to do! Watch as the black and orange loons inflate, getting slowly tighter and harder. They make such lovely sounds when you run your fingers over that taught latex body. But now i've inflated them what shall i do? Have fun bursting them of course! I'm wearing my stiletto boots and that sharp, unforgiving heel is perfect for some balloon blowouts. I love to tease, rolling them under foot then digging my heal in until they just can't take any more. I love using my backside to torment those loons too, so of course a couple have to meet their fate this way. Bouncing and grinding my fishnet clad bottom, making those necks expand under the pressure. I stomp, grind, bounce until there's total balloon blowout! INCLUDES: ENGLISH MISTRESS, BALLOONS, BALLOON FETISH, SIT2POP, HEEL POP, LOONERS, GLOVE FETISH, BOOT WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP & PANTYHOSE FETISH