Bratty girlfriend gets punished

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You invited your girlfriend over to hang out but you got caught playing games for a bit. Since she's such a drama queen she starts to demand your attention more and more. You are used to her antics so you don't let it bother you and you even tease her a little bit making her even more mad. Things take an unexpecting turn when she decides to play with herself without you, she doesn't let you come closer and makes you watch her fuck herself slowly with a glass dildo while she talks down on you. You won't let her get her way, so you decide to make her stop fooling around and punish her by fucking her hard and rough, spanking her a little bit and humilliating her just like you know she likes it, making her admit she was a bad girl and filling her little pussy with your cum. DISCLAIMER: Quality of the preview doesn't reflect the actual quality of the video!!! The video quality is 1920x1080