finger fucked myself in my slutty boots

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feels like you really are talking to me in this vid . Great vid Angel

did it make you cum hard > Hope so , thanks for the review & glad you liked it xx

I was feeling extra naughty, so just needed to talk dirty to you while i played with myself. I slowly stripped off, pushing the dirty words out of my mouth . I wanted you to realise how fucking turned on i was and how much i needed to feel you playing with me . The Slutty cunt hole of mine was needing to be filled but your fingers. It needed you to massage in side it with your fingers . OW MY GOD I'm so FUCKING horny writing this, Knowing how horny i was when i filmed this video,because all i could think off was you and me playing . I Grabbed the toy and pushed it deep inside my fuck hole like it was your cock . I talked dirty and fucked my hole until I cum all over the toy. I put my hand over my mouth like it was yours so i could feel like you were holding my mouth . This scene is very sexy and the dirty talk is naught