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Don´t forget to put your headphones on! ASMR sound is best enjoyed on headphones for a goosebump enducing vore experience. Never trust a devious giantess. I know your secret and I have you right where I want you. I enjoysevery moment of the power I have over you and I am going to make the most of it. I do not care a single bit for your feelings. I only care about my own enjoyment and you will suffer a harsh price at my hands......or mouth in this case. I give you step-by-step instructions on what I require you to do in a whispery, spinetinglingly seductive and confident voice. If you fail to do what I ask, your secret will be out and the shame will not be worth living for. You have no alternative but to obey! I wants you to feed me everyone you hold dear to you and I want you to watch me eat them up closely so you can really feel the anguish. I am very sadistic and very hungry. I start off by demanding you feed me your two precious pets. I know which one your favourite is and I know them by name. I taunt you about it before opening up my huge mouth, extending my long tongue out and making you throw them into my mouth one at a time so I can gobble them up. I know how upset this makes you but only get more enjoyment from this. Next are your two pretty sisters. I knows heir names and I knows heir personalities. I knows which one you love the most. I want to eat your spoilt and loud sister first. I am saving your favourite until last: the shy, quiet one. I make you pick them up in your arms and place them on my tongue so you can watch them wriggle and squirm down my throat and into my hungry belly. I taunt and tease you mercilessly about how sad it must be for you to watch them both being swallowed whole and alive one by one just to satisfy my hunger and enjoyment. Next is your beautiful girlfriend. You are sobbing by this point but I relish your misery. I want you to throw the poor girl into my mouth. I show you the inside and taunt you about where she will be going. You have no choice but to pick your beloved up in your arms, and put her in my mouth and watch her being slowly consumed Devastated by what you have witnessed and have been forceddd to do, I take pity on you....well, sort of. I tell you that you no longer have to be sad as you will now have the opportunity to join your loved ones in my stomach forever. I want you to feed yourself to me as one final act. I smirk and patronise you knowing you have no choice and taunt you with my beautiful big mouth, red lips, shiny white teeth and long tongue. You can see all the way into my mouth and to the back of my throat and you know that your loved ones are waiting for you at the bottom of the long ride down into my tummy. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you find the perfect pleasure in the line between fear and excitement. HIGHLIGHTED: very good and long shots of my wide open mouth. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW