Bitch Next Door JOI

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American / Rivendell
223 4.0
9:43 min - Oct 25 - .MP4 - 365.45 MB


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Clever writing, well shot, and very convincing line delivery make this an immersive experience. The only thing that took me out was a jumpcut and a couple times when I noticed the auto focus being stupid. Other than those minor things, it's an amazing video. You won't be disappointed if you're into this sort of thing. Buy it, give the creator some love.

JOI featuring SPH, light humilation and denial, edging, and a cum countdown.* *preview quality does not reflect video quality. shot in 1080p, 60fps* You've been watching me smoke in my backyard for months. You thought I wouldn't notice you there? Eyes fixated, with that stupid orgasm face you make. That's why I invited you over. You're going to be my little cum slut. I'm going to teach you how to jerk off just for me, all while degrading your small dick and denying you my perfect pussy. You love being told what to do, don't you? Maybe I'll have you over again for some more fun, pet