Witch Bitch


Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
15:16 min - Oct 26 - .MP4 - 259.41 MB


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Experience something truly paranormal, supernatural and wonderful with your Azure Goddess leading you. Aren't you tired of worshiping a god that never lets you have any fun? This straight laced Christian version of god would think you are a pervert, he'd send you to hell! Me, I'd never judge your perversions. In fact I encourage and require you to sin, to sodomize, to be naughty. Worship Me and you'll never be led astray. Fall under My spell as I call on the elements to purify you in My name. The heavy smoke of santo palo (holy wood) makes your head floaty, your Goddesses green eyes make your heart sing, your whole body tingles as Azure Goddess enchants you. you cannot help but give your whole life over to your new Goddess, renouncing your puritanical ancient religion for a new religion. Azure Goddess is your god now