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Welcome to my Daily Routine Series: be a witness of my most common moments so as you can know Angie better. A young beautiful girl´s daily routine. Your girl next door. Quotidien moments nobody else knows. What will I be like when nobody sees me? Angie´s Bath time: immerse yourself with me. One of my favourite moments in the week is when I have some free time and I have a hot bath. Wow this is myself in essence, away from everybody and everything, just my thinkings and feelings. I wouldn´t be able to live in a house without a bathtub. I turn the lights off, I turn the heater on (when in winter) so as the only light in the bathroom is the heater´s. This way the ambience is warmer and more intimate with that hot light. My two pets accompany me lying on the floor and beside the heater. Then I turn the tap on and the burning water starts running. Really burning. My skin turns red but I love it. Today I want to wash my hair, so I lye down inside the bathtub, I dip my head, even my face into the water. This feeling is fantastic. Silence around me... sometimes some relaxing music for a better mood. My fingers "age" and wrinkle because of the water. I caress myself: my legs, my face, my hair, my tits, my pussy. Listen to the calming sound of the water going over my nude body. This is wonderful, dear. There is nothing more "me" than this very moment. And you are about to discover me. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: You have a gossip kinky mind. HIGHLIGHTED: Angie in her pure state. No make up. Nothing more and nothing less. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW