You might not be the father


Ava Black

British / UK
15:22 min - Nov 08 - .WMV - 125.16 MB


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Hey sweetie do you like this outfit for our night out tonight? I love this dress. I call it my commando dress because I don't wear anything under it. I'm amazed it still fits now I'm knocked up! You know you did the right thing don't you? Us getting married once I found out I was pregnant. Your family love me. And there was you saying they weren't that bothered about you having of your own... But you know what, we need to talk... About this pregnancy... You know before we got together we were both fucking around a lot right? The only thing is I wasn't totally honest with you about just how many guys I was messing with when we were dating. I knew you'd be weird about it, and you seemed like such a sweet guy I decided I liked dating you regardless. There's a chance that one of the other guys could be the father. The dates are so very close. So many different times I was fucking around with them. But hey it's not like you weren't messing about too! And besides I'm not taking a divorce from you. You were the best fit for the father. So I'm sticking it out with you! Oh I know you're shocked sweetie but let's just go out and have fun tonight. You'll have a chance to let it all settle into your mind. And to guarantee you don't step out of line tonight I'm going to flirt with your boss. Just in case you were thinking of changing your mind tomorrow... Wouldn't want to lose your job now would you