Stepsister Uses Her Feet 2 Get Your Room



American / Las Vegas
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Your stepsister wants to use the car on Saturday night but you already had it reserved. So she goes to stepdaddy to convince him to give it to her. She starts to explain to him what she wants but he is very distracted as she ties and unties her shoes.. She tells him she knows all about the foot worship videos on his computer. He tries to deny it but when she takes off her dirty worn cheerleader shoes and shoves them in his face, he is helpless. She starts rubbing her feet on his face and he is very happy.. he wants to please her. She calls you into the room to show you how her feet now control this family and tells you that you are going to be her footslave too. She not only makes stepdaddy give her the car.. she is also going to have your room too! She starts stroking his cock with one foot and pushes the other into his mouth. In the end, she makes you jerk off to her feet while stepdaddy worships them! LIV'S FEET OWN YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY NOW!!! - Liv is an up n coming superstar.. ONE OF OUR HOTTEST FOOTWORSHIP CLIPS EVER