HOTWIFE Ariana Marie fucks Johnny Castle

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American / Tampa Florida
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Exp39a Feb 10

I want to be Jack's Friend!

Exp39a Feb 10

I want to be a friend of Jacks!!!

Phill221 Oct 26 2017

Creampie your pussy? Or your ass?..

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Amazing Ariana Marie
What a great scene this is from you, your a special talent.
Keep up the great work, hope for more scenes soon.

dbroncos - Top reviewer Nov 27 2017
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two thumbs up!!

Thank you babe, please let me know if you have any extreme HotWife Challenges for me 😘

WARNING this is not FAKE, this is actual footage of featuring HotWife Ariana Marie and her husband Jack, there is no camera man or script, just a Videocamera , tripod and remote for zoom. Minimal edits (for length and quality) Enjoy... So as many of you know I work in adult films and yes you have all seen me work with Johnny Castle before but what you may not know is Johnny was one of the first guys I ever worked with when I started shooting. Early in my career Johnny and I were fuck buddies, but I lived in Florida at the time and then I got really busy and then I got married so we both thought those days were over...well THANK goodness my husband loves to share me with other men!!! So about a week ago Johnny text me and asked when he was going to get to fuck my little ass, I am reading his text as I am sitting next to my husband :) Anyways Jack (my husband) had bought me a bunch of video and camera equipment so it gave me an idea. I knew Jack had a big meeting on Sunday 10/22/17 at 6pm so I asked Johnny if I could come over to his house set up a camera and film him fucking me while my husband was at his meeting ( look at our Twitter @CoupleNexxtDoor ) of course he said YES... so I got all dressed up, cleaned my ass, packed up all my gear and headed over to his house, I posted pics and videos on our Twitter @CoupleNexxtDoor before and after Johnny fucked me and set a few pics to hubby of me stroking Johnny's cock with my wedding ring showing. I was not able to take Johnny in my ass this time but I still came so hard getting my married pussy pounded by Johnny's perfect bareback cock that I promised him next time not only can he fuck my ass but I want him to creampie me and send me home dripping. For this video I begged him to cum on my pretty face and wedding ring which made me feel like a good slutty wife. I knew that even if I had to become a cheating slutty HotWife that this is something I wanted to keep doing. Something about taking a video so the whole world could watch all my pretty married holes getting filled with new cock turns me on even more. A fun little side note ... Johnny and Jack have know each other and been friends for years, I think my goal for 2018 is to fuck all my husbands friends!!! Be sure to share with us any ideas and kinky videos you would like to see us film, remember Jack fucks other girls too and we both love cheating and being cheated on so please challenge us with your most extreme and fucked up fantasies