Slo-mo of huge G size cup boobs bouncing

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882 5.0
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Link138 Oct 27

This video is so damn sexy. Please do more bra bouncing vids!

Thank you so much!!! I definitely will:x

LuderChris - Top reviewer May 29
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YES, OMG YES YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES. More videos like this, MORE MORE PLEASE. I couldn't get through this whole video in one sitting it was too hot to handle. These tits are hypnotizing.

superNova421 - Top reviewer Nov 25
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Annabelle ... let me just say that this video is FANTASTIC!!!! OMG!!! I loooooove the sweet sweet look on your face you have as you're making them bounce all over the place! It is absolutely mesmerizing and got me into a trance! OMG! I especially love the last outfit, the turtle neck, it's just .... WOW... it was so pretty, how your beautiful boobs sort of hugged the fabrics of that shirt and showed your curves! Totally enchanting stuff!!!! Great performance once again! Did we expect anything less than 5 stars?

First of, this was such a fun video to make. If you are a boob guy then this video is for you. Who needs more than a busty blue-eyed blonde girl bouncing her boobs? The whole video is in slow motion. So you can really appreciate and see how my boobs move. There are five outfit changes black bra/tank top, white tank top, business shirt, red bikini and a turtle neck. You will see my boobs bounce and be played with in my shirts, bras, shirts with no bra and bare chested. The whole video is of my boobs and face. I added music to hide my awkward slow breathing sounds, just mute it if it annoys you