Stroke it Raw DUNCE Happy Halloween JOI


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
13:21 min - Oct 27 - .MP4 - 591.72 MB


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Time for a Halloween game, slave. I'm the Boss of you. Sitting above you with My legs crossed in My red soles- you're so small & insignificant in comparison to these soles & long legs...I mesmerize you with My body then entrance you with My eyes. I can see right into you slaveboy I know all the things you like- it makes you nervous- I want to soothe you by playing a little game. I want to play a game with you for Halloween. Look Me deep in the eyes & follow My jerk off instructions while worshipping My heels. Go faster, & faster watching My gloved hands ... then stop. I need you devoid of anything other than the desire to please Me. I smoke a cigarette & continue to play with your head while I cross & uncross My legs & tease you with My heels. Should you be afraid, slavebitch? Look into My eyes. This Halloween you're going to do something for Me. I tease your cock again, telling you to stroke. I have you under My spell. I have you under My control. Let go of everything in your puny mind & let desire take over. That's why you summon Me, crave Me. I want you naked on your knees staring up groveling at My feet knowing you are always under My spell. I bring you deeper & deeper mindfucking you blowing smoke into the air, manipulating you & your cock... I laugh at you & put you in your place. Here's your task loser. I have a task for you- dress up in a dunce cap & stand in the corner with your stupid cock in your hand. Email it to Me. I want to look at it. I have you under such a heavy spell that you forget all about your cock & then seal your fate by telling you just what your destiny as My slave bitch will be like. Happy fucking Halloween you loser, jerk your dick into oblivion, send Me that photo of you in your costume & bitch they better impress Me!!! I know how badly you want to show Me how much of an idiot you are! How much you like being denied! Looked down on by a queen such as Myself. I own your mind now. Enjoy your craft project. DUNCE! I'm in your dreams, I'm in your head, you perform for Me & I get to do whatever I want with these loser photos. Edge your cock into oblivion for Mistress while trying to impress Me. (clip ft: orgasm denial, tease & denial, mesmerize, mind fuck, high heels, crossed legs fetish, glove fetish, gloves, smoking, smoking fetish, brainwashing, goddess worship, jerk off instruction, edging, heel worship, long legs, louboutins, humiliatrix, humiliation, fur, costume, halloween, blackmail fantasy, succubus