4k Witch Cum Extraction

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1,236 5.0
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weaverbIrd5 - Top reviewer Feb 25
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Heather taking control, coaxing and riding until you cum right when she wants you to... it's like a page from a fairy tale. A kinky fairy tale, where the "happy endings" are guaranteed!

rosaluxemburg - Top reviewer Nov 28 2017
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creatively gorgeously mesmerizingly erotic

4k][60fps] The wicked witch in the forest has claimed another victim. Rumor has it, she lures men into the forest with her beauty and casts a spell on them that makes them give her their semen. What she uses it for, nobody knows. She probably uses it in some potion she's making. The men who get trapped by her are never the same again after whatever she makes them endure. They claim she's the most beautiful, enchanting woman they've ever laid eyes on. After they are put under her spell, they are useless to do anything in the real world. All they want to do is masturbate and think about her. So be careful to never go near the forest or you may be next. This video includes: Halloween theme, witch costume, dirty talk, slight joi, handjob, blowjob, riding, fog, & cumming