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A Handmaid's Tale *model fave

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542 5.0
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Negan4pres - Top reviewer May 20
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Just saw this vid for the first time and all I can say is OMFG!!!!!! This is now one of my favorites. Shows just how amazing and talented this woman is:)

Fetty_Fap - Top reviewer Dec 17 2017
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Ridiculously sexy

mosbius - Top reviewer Nov 26 2017
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my lady in red

Ohhlay - Top reviewer Nov 26 2017
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holy shit. great quality, stunning natural light, awesome costume, sexy high heel boots, tits looking perky and full, bouncing in the forest... just perfect for any time of year!!

filmed in HD 960. Just had to lower the quality for the preview!! A play on the popular series, this video is about a sexually frustrated handmaid who sneaks off into the woods to cum.. for the first time in YEARS. Although i have to be quiet so I dont get caught and punished, this is some very enthusiastic masturbation! this video took almost 9 hours to film and put together, and all that effort really paid off. One of my best solo videos, with a great storyline, innovative shots, and an eye-catching aesthetic. One you're sure to watch again and again