Commander Kiss' New Bitch HD

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American / Wonderland
25 5.0
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Welcome to your new life, recruit. you have just been placed in the best unit under Me. How lucky are you to serve the best, maggot?! It's your first day and I'm going to go over what is expected from you for now on. you will be working hard to please your new beautiful Commander. Making sure to always be at proper attention and on your knees. Can't have you towering over Commander Kiss, worm. I shall I always be towering over you, looking down at you so you know your place at all times. I run down the list of your new duties, far more demanding than any other superior would require of course. I also go over punishments and "rewards" including showing off the thick and black strap on underneath My uniform. What is that for? Oh you will soon find out. HD MP4. Tags: BBW | Femdom | Military | Domme | BBW Domme | BBW Ebony | BBW Femdom | BBW BBC | BBC | Strap on