Freebie Tuesday

Wedgie Time

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britney athome

American / Florida
737 5.0
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ooh damn this preview is sexy. i love how after brianna gets wedgied britney lets the wedgie go and the site of brianna's panties just bunched up her butt is too arousing. that's what i call the wedgie aftermath. i'd love to watch her walk around with her panties in her butt for a sec before she picks the wedgie out, which i find sexy too

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ooh this was a sexy vid. i love britney wearing the purple tank top and those 1st pair of panties were the sexiest. they're so pretty and they look so good hugging her juicy butt. that wedgie pull was hot, but damn i wish she would have kept her butt towards the camera when she picked her wedgie out. i love wedgie picking too.
those 2nd pair of panties that brianna was wearing really got me off. her butt and crotch looks so good in them. i love cotton bikini panties. thank britney for letting me enjoy a lil bit of her picking her wedgie out in the 2nd pair of panties. and brianna had me screaming watching her pick her wedgie out, too sexy and arousing.
it would have been nice sometimes if they would have left their panties in their butts for a moment after being wedgied. that's what i call the wedgie aftermath
when it comes to wedgies, i do prefer to always see the butt. so over the head wedgies seem more silly to me than sexy.

overall, i love the cotton pair of panties i mentioned, and the wedgies were sexy. i got good and off on this. thanx

Request: BriannaRay and I give each other wedgies. BIG ATOMIC ONES too! If you love wedgies, do not miss this video
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britney athome
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