HD You Lose Spandex BJ

721 5.0

Jessicas Temptations

American / Calipornia
721 5.0
13:15 min - Oct 26 - .MP4 - 506.86 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Jessica's videos are the best on this site. If you're going to purchase any videos, support her business by buying them directly from here. The HD versions are worth it. This one was great as usual.

lynchry Oct 28
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Hottest girl on this website. Does the best custom videos. She’s a fucking champion at blowjobs.

bfxddd - Top reviewer Oct 27
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Another amazing vid from Jessica...omg she looks hot hot hot in her leggins...she is the perfect tease and has another perfect vid from the hottest girl on any site...

superNova421 - Top reviewer Oct 26
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Absolutely wonderful video like always! I always love to watch you give handjobs, and this video did not disappoint with how you were able to work him to that amazing explosive big finish! GREAT performance! Looking forward to see many more handjob cumshots finish in the near future :) Loved how you cleaned him up with your tongue as well! Very very very sexy video! Strongly recommend it! Jessaic you did a super kickass job once again!

Fuzzymonkey2985 - Top reviewer Aug 24
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Never dissatisfied or disappointed with your content always arousing an exciting to watch

LoveSweetkiss_69 - Top reviewer Oct 28
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Jessica Loves Sex,you teaser love your black leggings and tight top showing your big boobies!!Omg that feels so good feeling your sensual and hot lips against my rock hard dick in your mouth!!!!Your dirty talk and blowjob skills for sure did me cum hugh!Love it all the way beauty!Boring but i have to give you 5 Stars AGAIN!Thanks babe!!

Boy Girl. Custom Vid for Ryan with the following script. I enter a contest for a chance to win a blowjob from you. At the end it comes down to me and one other guy, and we do a coin flip. After I lose the coin toss you say that the Punishment is that I have to sit there next to you guys and watch the Blowjob. You look over during the blowjob many times and say I think he’s going to cry and look how Jealous he is and at one point you both laugh at me because I actually start crying. You make a lot of popping sounds on his Dick and look over at me and laugh while I cry. You wear Black Leggings and a tight top that shows your cleavage in this video. Finish the blowjob with a nice Fast Handjob
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