Witches spell! Ruined Orgasm


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
12:03 min - Oct 26 - .MP4 - 481.91 MB


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Clip is 12 minutes (and only $10.99! for a limited time!) and contains topless nudity. CLIP INCLUDES: -RUINED ORGASM -CUM COUNTDOWN -WITCH TEASES YOU WITH HER TITS/LACEY LINGERIE -WITCH JERK OFF INSTRUCTION -WITCH USES SPELL AND STOPS YOU MID JERK OFF -WITCH PUTS BINDING SPELL ON YOU AND DOESNT ALLOW YOU TO JACK OFF AGAIN UNTIL SHE SAYS SO -FEMDOM -POV FEMDOM -SENSUAL FEMDOM - TATTOOS -CHASTITY The witch has DARK GREEN LIPSTICK on and her signature grey witch hat and shows off her GREEN LACE bra. "Hi boys and ghouls....Bought this video for a little TIT TEASE huh? Have a thing for WITCHES I see..." She TEASES you with her GREEN LACE BRA and puts her wand in between her CLEAVAGE many times... "You know...I can put you under my SPELL so easily...." She says with a smile. "I dont even need to use my WAND....all I need to do is show you these...." she JIGGLES her TITS and shows them off to POV. "Under my spell already...huh little man?" She LICKS her WAND and puts it in her mouth and SUCKS on it to TEASE you. "Now that your under my spell....Do I...make you buy me more LINGERIE? BARK LIKE A DOG? Should i make you go out in PUBLIC NAKED? Should i make you call your work and tell your boss hes a FUCKHEAD? ha ha. Not sure how bad Im feeling today.....What do you think? Should I just TEASE you some more....or should I RUIN you? " The angle moves down lower to show off her PERFECT TITS in her GREEN LACE BRA as she says "Or should I just TEASE you with these perfect tits?" as she smashes them together,caresses them and jiggles them. She puts her WAND in between her TITS again...it makes you imagine your cock right in between those TITS for a great TITJOB. She says "well arnt you going to pull your cock out for your favorite witch?" "Dont you want your COCK right where my wand is? Right between my tits. ha ha. It will never ever be here though. The closest you will get is this video...so enjoy it you pathethic little man. Enjoy your few minutes of feeling special while I talk to you. While I make you cum. While I give you the BEST JERK OFF SESSION of your life." She teases you and scares you because she knows exactly what you've been thinking.....and then she finally pulls her TITS out of her bra so you can see them in all their glory. "Do you like when I call you an asshole? When I talk down to you? Does the PRECUM just drip out as I call you names?" She says as she rubs and caresses her TITS. She puts her WAND in between her tits again and says "Can you imagine your LITTLE COCK here? Or do you just know its too good to be true? ha ha" "Are you STROKING THAT COCK and imagining it right here (in between her tits) ha ha ha. Yeah right. Never gonna happen. These witch tits are too good for you. If you dont think so Ill put a SPELL on you and make you SUCK COCK! Ill make you LOVE COCK." "Are you MASTURBATING FURIOUSLY for me now? For your favorite witch? Are those balls getting nice and full? Keep jerking for me....nice and hard, nice and fast" 8 minutes in she yells...."NOW STOP!" and the wand goes in your direction. You freeze but your hand is still on your cock. Your not sure if Its a spell or If you just cant NOT obey her orders. "I command you to stop touching your cock! Drop it! She laughs and shows her tits again.... "Watch these TITS and dont fucking touch your cock. Is that cock just ACHING? Do you want to finish jacking off? " She says as she plays with her tits. "You love when I RUIN YOUR ORGASM dont you? When I keep TEASING you?" "1,2,3....You can start touching it again. You have TEN SECONDS!" She rubs her TITS and plays with her NIPPLES as she counts down from 10. After she says "1. drop it!" She says "Awww. you were about to CUM huh? You poor little pathetic peice of crap." mocking you. "Aw you wanna cum so bad huh? You wanna touch your cock again!" She says as she plays with her NIPPLES. She delights in teasing you and making you SUFFER like this. "Hmmmm. What if I let you touch your cock ONE MORE TIME....and you if you dont cum then its just too bad....your not alllowed to finish. Ok...you have 10 seconds to finish jacking off your cock and getting all that disgusting cum out of there....starting now!" She counts down from 10 again as she teases you with her big tits. "Did you finish? aw well thats just too bad....Hmmmm Im going to put a binding spell on you right now. You are not allowed to touch your COCK again until I say so. That poor little cock is full of cum...and ready to explode! But thats just too bad. Your under my spell now and not allowed to touch your cock again until I say so....Could be a few days....Could be a few weeks