my kinks pt. 1: messy hitachi edging



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preview uploaded in low quality accidentally. real video is HD *** the first part of my series featuring some of my own personal kinks. this video is all about messy, kinky fun. the video: starts off with sensual teasing on my kitchen counter, lit by the sun streaming in through the blinds. then I unwrap mini red velvet cupcakes and start to smoosh and smear them on my body. after I'm all covered in cake and frosting, I take out my new hitachi and start to play with it. I take myself to the edge 3 times (filmed at all different angles) before finally letting myself cum. the fetishes: part of this series is explaining and exploring the reasons behind my fetishes. my love for messy play comes from a place of submissiveness. I tend to be a highly clean and organized person so, for me, giving up control of my cleanliness and space is the ultimate form of submission. besides that, I love the way different soft and sticky things feel on my body. edging is about the final orgasm. when I can control my orgasms like that, there's so much build up. starting and stopping just when I reach the edge can be agonizing, but the pay off at the end makes the release so much more intense