Mistress Zoe and Amber Humiliate You

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Mistress Amber joins me in humiliating you, we laugh at how tiny your cock is and how you don't even deserve to be in our presence! After taking you to a BDSM party where you misbehave you're in need of corrective discipline. You will address me as Strict Mistress Zoe and my friend as Mistress Amber while we enjoy describing the details of your punishment. This starts with a bare bottom spanking before tying you to the cross and using a long thin schooling whip. Sceeching through the air before biting like a venomous snake a schooling whip is perfect for delivering a thrashing you won't forget! Amber is in favour of CBT with elastic bands stretched over your balls as well as flicking your cock into action with her whip. Mistress Amber and I are waiting for you, kneel and obey